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10" Post - Extra Foot of Carving6" Post - Extra Foot of Carving
Extra 12" of carving on post.Extra 12" of carving.



8" Post - Extra Foot of CarvingCustom Pergola
Extra 12" of carving on post.Custom pergola



Custom ProductCustom Shipping
Custom Job 4 Corbel Half Rio Grande 8"x8"x24" $152.00 4 Corbel Full Rio Grande 8"x8"x42" $260.00 4 Corbel Corner Rio Grande 8"x8"x24" $300.00 Shippping $200 Total $912.00 Shipping to a commercial address - 5 W Dogwood Ave 84532Freight shipping to residential address.



Spiral Pergola with rosette corbel carving
SpecialSpiral Pergola with rosette corbel carving
Special cutSpiral Pergola design includes: Four Spiral Post Four Santa Fe Corner Corbel with Rosette carving on both sides Two Beams with Mayan Carving on both sides Two Beams with Sol Saliente Adzing Carving on both sides with Pueblo ends Summary of...



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